Welcome to Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club is a vibrant non-profit, sporting and social club. Established in 1923, the club promotes and fosters the active lifetime sport of lawn bowling to a variety of ages and abilities in a safe and inclusive environment. Located in the Spruce Cliff community of southwest Calgary, the world-class lawn bowling facility features two of the best greens in all of Canada.



Bowls is the game with something for everyone. 

It is easy to learn, social and all-inclusive

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s song “Let’s Go Play Bowls” was composed by the very talented songwriter, Michael Glatzmaier, in 2021 to help promote our club and the sport of bowls.

Do you enjoy outdoor activities?

Do you like being out in the sunshine?

Do you want to have fun while getting some exercise outside?

If you answered yes, then we think you will enjoy lawn bowling!

Services include the learn to bowl program, coaches, social and competitive leagues, youth programs, tournaments, rentals and much more!

Why Do People Join?

There are many reasons why people join the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club.

  • For a sense of community and to make new friends.
  • To enjoy a social outing with their friends and neighbours.
  • To play with other members of their family, some multi-generations. To remain competitive with their curling teammates in the curling off- season.
  • To compete at a world-class lawn bowling facility.
  • Many of our members compete on the provincial and national level, with some also representing Canada in international competitions.
  • To play an easy to learn sport which is great fun and allows you to mingle with many other players of varying abilities.
  • The variety of ways to have fun – social bowling, leagues, tournaments, jitneys, social activities, and volunteering at community events or group rentals at our club Great social interaction.

You don’t have to be competitive to play. If you just want to play with your friends on an afternoon, there is nothing stopping you. Lawn bowls is the sport for all, regardless of age, race, religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression or physical ability. The gentle pace and lack of contact means you will often find people of all ages and varying abilities and fitness levels playing together.


The object of bowls is to roll your bowl as close to the target as possible. Between setting up your scoring strategy and defending your points, there is always something changing in a game of bowls.


All you need is flat, heel-less footwear and we will provide the rest!

We offer lessons for a nominal fee, the cost of which is deducted from the annual membership fee if you join the Club.


Club Leagues & Events

At Calgary Lawn Bowling Club we offer our members a full schedule of social and competitive playing opportunities from May to September:

  • Coaching
  • Social Bowls Night Weekday Jitneys
  • Pride Lawn Bowling League
  • Club Practice Night
  • 2-4-2 League
  • Cut-Throat League
  • Ultimate Bowls League
  • Saturday Jitneys & Socials
  • Holiday Jitneys & Socials
  • Junior Programs
  • Trophy Jitneys & Socials (Canada Day, Lorne Stout and Pain Trophy) Club Championship Trophies (Doubles, Singles and Novice)

City-Wide Events

During the regular lawn bowling seasons, we have offered many events to our members and other bowlers within Calgary and throughout the province, including:

  • Used Bowls & Equipment Sale
  • Opening Charity Jitney Calgary City Pairs League
  • City-Wide Tea and Jitney Open Houses – National Bowls Day, Spruce Cliff Open House Community Events – Community Volunteer
  • Appreciation Event Specialty Turf & Calgary Lawn Bowling Club Invitational Mixed Triples Tournament Mary & Henk Open Mixed Pairs Tournament

Off- Season Events

Over the years we have offered our members a variety of activities to stay active and connected during the off-season, including:

  • Annual General Meeting in October
  • Club end-of-season Awards Banquet
  • Coordinate indoor bowling
  • Cup Potluck
  • Christmas Potluck
  • Super Bowl Potluck

We encourage anyone who is interested to come out and try the game when we are open for play. We will provide the bowls and basic instruction on your initial visits and as soon as you are able to play at a reasonable level, we will set you up with practice greens of your own for further practice, or integrate you into the club’s general bowling sessions.

2020 Pandemic Season

Our 2020 season was in the midst of a global pandemic and our club continued to thrive. We all suprised ourselves with what we could collectively accomplish. We became innovators, leaders, stepped up as volunteers, supported one another, salvaged the season and we remained committed. We did this  safely with our newly appointed Safety Officer who developed the protocals and ensured smooth operations for all members.


At Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, we understand many of our members and visitors are concerned about where our game of bowls sits within Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This page will feature all of our latest updates in regard to messages and notifications surrounding the ever-updating situation. As a sports club in our community, it is our responsibility to respond to the circumstances. This situation is unprecedented for our 2021 season, and the health and safety of our members and visitors is always our top priority.

Contact Information

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club 

101- 3375 Spruce Dr SW, 

Calgary AB T3C 3A3