A Special Invitation to Calgary Curlers

  Now that the summer months are close at hand why not try 


May 22nd or May 23rd 

6:30 PM – 8 PM 

You’re cordially invited by the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club to experience the joys of lawn bowling!

This exclusive event will accommodate up to 56 participants per day, offering personalized coaching and equipment for your enjoyment. Just remember to come equipped with flat-soled footwear for the green.

Participation in this evening event incurs a fee of $20 per person. However, should you choose to become a member of the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, this amount will be credited towards our $125 new member fee. Our season, spanning from June to September, promises a vibrant array of leagues and exciting events for all to revel in. Join us for a summer filled with camaraderie and fun on the greens!

Did You Know?

Lawn Bowling shares many similarities with curling, albeit without the sweeping element, making it a delightful summer pastime.

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