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Calgary Lawn Bowling Club



To promote the sport of lawn bowling to all ages and abilities through membership, coaching, competition, volunteerism, and friendship.


To be a thriving club of members, competitors, volunteers and supportive stakeholders.


  • Inclusive – We offer a sport for all to enjoy, regardless of age, demographics and ability.
  • Responsibility- We deliver our programs in a fair, transparent and respectful manner.
  • Enjoyment- We enthusiastically encourage learning, playing and facilitating the game.
  • Excellence- We encourage our athletes to strive for their personal bests.

Board of Directors

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s Board of Directors gives our club leadership and guides the strategic direction of the club, well governs on behalf of our club members.

Executive Board

Heather Mackie


Cheryl Storrow


David Wilson

Vice- President

Matthew Huebert


Director at Large

Rob Garth

Board of Director

Cathy Gervais

Board of Director



Lesley Ritchie

Board of Director



Vincent Tesekrekos

Board of Director



Keith Bacon

Past President




Board of Director



Club Committees

The Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s committees comprise members tasked with overseeing the day-to-day operations of the club. The Committee Chair collaborates with their Reporting Director to ensure the successful implementation of the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s Strategic Plan.

Membership & Marketing Committee

Reporting Director- Rob Garth

  • Collect membership fees and maintain a CLBC membership database for member distribution. Coordinate the purchase of name tags for new members.
  • Ensure new and existing members are welcomed to the club and informed about opportunities that are available within our club.
  • Schedule and administer coaching sessions for new and existing CLBC lawn bowlers
  • Develop campaigns to help grow the membership of CLBC and promote volunteerim within our membership base.
  • Actively promote existing and upcoming events via social media and emails

Social & Hospitality

Reporting Director – Cathy Gervais

  • Arrange for volunteers to help with hosting of special events that would involve meals/accommodation for the participating players/guests.
  • Responsible for the staffing, ordering, inventory and sales of all beverage/snack items sold from the CLBC bar including the maintenance of the “books” associated with bar sales.
  • Involved in the planning/coordination of major tournaments that are to be held at CLBC facilities during the lawn bowling season.
  • Reserve and set up clubs and Bow Cliff Seniors facilities for meeting/ meals events such as scheduled meetings (AGM, etc.).
  • Coordinate with Bow Cliff Seniors and the Bow Cliff Community Association the usage of the signage for CLBC events/notices.

Games Committee

Reporting Director- Vincent Tsekrekos

  • Responsible for the sheduling and booking of all league play including the publishing of the results and the standings within the league play.
  • Responsible for the engraving of the league trophies with the current yearned winners.
  • Look for opportunities to increase “green” usage during the bowling season.
  • Provide support/volunteers for Provincials

Greens & Facilities Committee

Reporting Director-  Heather Mackie


  • Ensure that the building splace assigned to the CLBC is maintained and repairs completed as required
  • Liaison with “greens” maintenance contractor and administer contract agreement
  • Coordinate with other committee the usage of the greens for special events, coaching and training sessions
  • Responsible for the care/storage/maintenance of the outdoor sun screens, chairs, benches & etc.
  • Responsible for the maintenance and security of the outside stand alone CLBC storage sheds and the heated storage room with direct outside access.

Corporate Committee

Reporting Director- Lesley Ritchie 

  • Responsible for group/corporate bookings, green set up and the volunteer support required to “host” the event.

Sponsorship/Grants/Special Project

Reporting Director – Cheryl Storrow 

  • Sustain and attract new corporate annual and event sponsors
  • Pursue and apply for Federal/Provincial and local grants that would support the mission and goals of the CLBC
  • Lead and manage special projects on behalf of the club.

Safe Sport

Reporting Director- David Wilson

  •  Develop/administer/enforce H&S protocols for the safety of CLBC memebrs while at the club faclilities
  • Administer the Safe Sport programs for CLBC



Calgary Lawn Bowling Club


Join us in extending our deepest gratitude to the esteemed past presidents of the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club for their dedicated service and invaluable contributions. Their leadership, vision, and commitment have been instrumental in shaping our club into the vibrant community it is today. We honor their legacy and celebrate their enduring impact on our beloved sport and cherished community. Thank you for your unwavering dedication and service.

Judge R. Winter 1923 – 1924
J. C. Brokouski 1925 – 1926
W. P. Spalding 1927 – 1928
J. Smith Park 1929
Dr. A. E. Alkenhead 1930 – 1931
J. S. Wastson 1932 – 1933
W. A. Ackland 1934 – 1935
Dr. A. M. Scott 1936 – 1937
R. B. Gale 1938 – 1939
R. W. Kellough 1940 – 1941
G. B. Wallace 1942 – 1943
G. W. Jackson 1944 – 1945
R. L. Cushing 1946
H. Porter 1947 – 1948
S. W. Green 1949 – 1950
M. W. Cunningham 1951 – 1952
J. D. Johnston 1953 – 1954
G. B. Gaunce 1955 – 1956
Peter Logie 1957
W. M. Anderson 1958 – 1959
T. M. Jackson 1960 – 1961
J. Boyd 1962 – 1963
R. D. Buchan

1964 – 1965

D. MacKellar 1966 – 1967
G. V. Milne 1968 – 1969
John Murry 1970 – 1971
A. M. Tomson 1972 – 1973
J. G. Keyes 1974
A. M. Tomson 1975
A. Oliver 1976 – 1977
C. D. Ogilvie 1978 – 1981
D. Harvey 1982 – 1983
C. D. Ogilvie 1984 – 1985
S. Corry 1986 – 1987
G. McFadzean 1988 – 1990
R. S. Hutton 1991 – 1992
S. M. Thompson 1993 – 1995
D. Fargey 1996
G. Gage 1997 – 1998
J. Mackie 1999 – 2000
B. Harleman 2001 – 2002
S. M. Thompson 2003 – 2004
L. Mackie 2004 – 2006
G. Freschauf 2006 – 2012
J. Mackie 2012 – 2013
D. Blair 2013 – 2017
M. O’Reilly 2017 – 2021
K. Bacon 2021 – 2023
H. Mackie 2023 – President
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