The New Normal 

In light of the evolving landscape of safety and well-being, it’s imperative to recognize that Safe Sport has emerged as the prevailing standard. Practices once deemed acceptable may now require reassessment. As members of the Calgary Lawn Bowling community, we embrace core values that align with this ethos:

Inclusivity: We believe in providing a sport that welcomes everyone, irrespective of age, demographics, or ability. Inclusion is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that all individuals have the opportunity to enjoy and participate in lawn bowling.

Responsibility: We are committed to delivering our programs with integrity, fairness, and transparency. Respecting the rights and dignity of all participants is paramount in fostering a safe and supportive environment for everyone involved.

Enjoyment: Our passion for lawn bowling drives us to create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and joy. We actively encourage learning, playing, and facilitating the game, ensuring that every experience on the green is one filled with enjoyment and camaraderie.

Excellence: We inspire excellence by empowering our athletes to strive for their personal bests. Whether it’s honing skills, fostering teamwork, or promoting sportsmanship, we uphold the highest standards of performance and conduct, setting the bar for achievement within our community.

In navigating the changes brought about by Safe Sport, it’s incumbent upon each of us to uphold these core values. By staying informed, fostering inclusivity, exercising responsibility, promoting enjoyment, and striving for excellence, we can collectively ensure the safety, well-being, and continued success of Calgary Lawn Bowling for generations to come.

Safe Sport Complaint Submission Information & Forms

**Please read carefully before submitting your report.**

For more information, please review the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s Discipline and Complaints PolicyIf you have any questions or concerns prior to submission, please contact Club’s Safe Sport Officer, at 

Safe Sport Strategy

The policies and programs of the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club aim to foster a Safe Sport environment, ensuring a framework for prompt, consistent, and appropriate actions in the event of any issues. Additionally, these measures are designed to proactively prevent issues by clearly communicating the expected standards of behavior.  

Consistent Policies 

The Safe Sport Policy Suite is a full package of policies that set rules, procedures, and standards of behavior to help Calgary Lawn Bowling Club maintain a safe sport environment. 

Safe Sport Statement  
Defines Safe Sport and outlines the organizations’ dedication to fostering secure sporting environments devoid of any maltreatment, accompanied by a comprehensive overview of the complete Safe Sport Suite.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Clarifies fundamental terms and behaviors to guarantee a shared understanding of maltreatment, encompassing terms such as ‘maltreatment,’ ‘harassment,’ and power imbalances. Establishes clear expectations regarding the conduct that sports participants are required to follow.
Discipline and Complaints Policy  
Establishes a systematic procedure for addressing and resolving complaints, taking into account the severity and nature of the complaint, as well as the involved parties. In certain cases, expensive third-party investigations may be necessary.
Dispute Resolution Policy  
Offers an alternative, less formal approach to address complaints, granting the involved parties some control over the resolution process. This method is the preferred way of resolving conflicts.
Appeals Policy  
Details the procedure for disputing the resolution of a complaint and/or specific decisions made by the organization.
Reciprocation Policy  
 Establishes the agreement and outlines the steps for sharing disciplinary decisions among Bowls Alberta, Member Clubs, and other stakeholders in both our own sport and other sports.

Screening Policy

Screening Requirements Matrix -Appendix-A

Application and Screening Disclosure Form – Appendix-B

Screening Disclosure Form- Appendix-C

Request for Vulnerable Sector Check -Appendix-D

The screening of volunteers is a crucial measure in ensuring secure sporting environments. This policy delineates the risk levels associated with volunteers in different positions and outlines the requirements and procedures for screening each volunteer. The Appendices encompass a Screening and Training matrix, along with screening forms.
Athlete Protection Guidelines  
Sets expectations of behaviour for Persons in Authority; discusses how we will protect our athletes, especially when it comes to practices/training, travelling, communicating, and any physical contact.
Responsible Coaching Movement Implementation Strategy  
   Calgary Lawn Bowling Club has taken the Responsible Coaching Pledge and encourages all its member clubs to do the same. Ensuring we protect our underaged and vulnerable participants is a priority.

Concussion Policy and Return to Play Protocols 

Concussion Education 

  All sport associations are required to have a Concussion Policy in place. The Protocols will help any coach and/or an
  individual member that may come to our sport and are recovering from a concussion. 

Emergency Action Plan 

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) tailored for sports is essential for the safety and well-being of athletes, coaches, and spectators alike. This detailed strategy outlines protocols for handling injuries, severe weather, or other unexpected incidents during practices, games, or events. From rapid medical response procedures to evacuation routes and communication protocols, a well-crafted EAP ensures quick and coordinated actions that can mitigate risks and potentially save lives. Regular drills and updates are vital to maintaining readiness, empowering teams to perform at their best while prioritizing safety above all else.


 Weather Protocols / Air Quality Protocols 


  Environment Canada gives direction for minimizing risks during lightning storms, hot, humid weather, and for poor air

Bowling Guideline for Wet Conditions 

Appendix A of the Safe Sport Manual: Definitions   
Universal Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Maltreatment (UCCMS Version 6.0)  


Safe Sport Training 

The Respect in Sport Activity Leader / Coach Program educates leaders, coaches, officials and participants (14 years and up) to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse , harassment and discrimination.  

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders 

The Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) Safe Sport Training was developed to help anyone involved in sport — whether you have direct contact with athletes or work in the background — to promote physical, psychological, and social health, in line with the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport. Click Here 

Other Training 

At the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, our approach to Safe Sport Engagement involves fostering a dynamic dialogue between the club and our participants.

We are committed to consistently connecting with participants, including coaches, athletes, parents/guardians of minor athletes, officials, volunteers, and other stakeholders. This ongoing engagement aims to gather valuable feedback, ensuring that your firsthand experiences on the ground inform the effectiveness of our policies, training programs, and other initiatives.

Abuse-Free Sport

An Introduction to The UCCMS

NCCP Training



Intentional Engagement

Safe Sport Engagement at the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club is a two-way conversation between the club and our participants.

We have the intention to regularly engage with participants, coaches, athletes, parents/guardians of minor athletes, officials, volunteers, and other stakeholders on a regular basis to get meaningful feedback.

Your lived experience on the ground tells us whether our policies, training, and other initiative are working.

If you have any comments or concerns please email the Club’s  Safe Sport Officer (SSO) at 

Enhanced Resources

There are many safe sport resources that are available to advance knowledge and awareness.

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club has easy-to-use resources to promote safe sport, governance, and Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) resource to everyone.


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