We Return to Play, as of May 22, 2021. Members Only, may make rink booking will be for 1.25 hours.

Booking times will be posted in Signup Genius and on the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s website.

PLEASE NOTE*: In accordance with Alberta’s “Open for Summer Plan”, Bowls Alberta has
allowed us to expand our play beyond same-house and to include Singles and
Pairs.  However, we are allowed ONLY 10 PLAYERS PER GREEN.

For each time, we have 3 rinks for PAIRS and 4 rinks for SINGLES.  This
allows for 10 players per green (20 total over two greens).  Only select
PAIRS if you are comfortable with those outside your house joining you.
You may select all 4 slots for PAIRS, and add the names of those joining
you to pre-set your pairs game.  If you prefer to limit play to yourself
and/or same-house partner, select a SINGLES time, picking two 2 slots and
adding your partner’s name or “individual” in the comment box.

Masks are still required for now in all the social areas and in the
building.  No scorecards are allowed at this time.  Please ask the Safety
Volunteer for assistance if you require rakes.  Avoid sharing equipment by
having your own jack and mat.

Please no more than a *maximum of 3 bookings* for this cycle.


Updated  May 31, 2021

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

2021 – Phase 2 Play: Training/Practice

Phase 2: Training/Practice with no more than 4 players per rink and all players not from the same household must maintain a minimum of 2 m distance. An assigned Coach is allowed in addition to the 4 players. No more than 10 people per green.


Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, Bowls Canada, and Bowls Alberta, are not experts on pandemics and therefore all Federal, Provincial, and local Government and Public Health Authority information, guidelines and directives supersede this information. We have created this set of club guidelines to inform our club members as to how Bowls Canada and Bowls Alberta are responding to Covid-19 and to provide recommendations as to what we believe is the best course of action for our members and the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club.

At all times, the guidelines and legislations of Provincial and Local Health Authorities must be respected and will take precedence over these guidelines.

  1. Pre-Screening
  • CLBC will provide material and resources such to participants on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. All members who wish to use the club facilities during Phase 1 must complete a waiver.
  • All players are required to read and abide by the current Return to Play Guidelines which are available on the CLBC website as well as posted at the club
  • CLBC will encourage participants to use the Government of Alberta Screening applications to monitor symptoms before coming out to play.
  • Members who meet any of the following criteria are asked not to visit the club
    • exhibiting COVID- 19 symptoms
    • awaiting COVID-19 testing results
    • have been a close contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
    • have travelled internationally in the past 14 days
  • CLBC has appointed a Safety Officer that will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the return to play protocol. CLBC will have a Safety Volunteer on duty whenever the Club is open to regularly scheduled member play.
  • CLBC members are encouraged to check the AHS website, CLBC website, BA website and CLBC social media accounts for updated information on current return to play Phases and guidelines.
  1. Protocols for Operations


  • CLBC Club House will be open for access to washrooms under the following conditions:
    • Local restrictions and regulations allow for access to indoor facilities
    • No more than one club member/household group inside the building at a time
    • Masks to be worn at all times (members are responsible for providing their own mask)
  • CLBC will place signage by all entrances and storage facilities outlining the physical distancing guidelines in place, as well as hand-washing recommendations/protocols.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the Club House entrance and is to be used prior to entry and when exiting the club house.
  • The washrooms and Club House will be cleaned daily by the contracted Janitorial Service.
  • Government of Canada disinfecting guidelines for cleaning common areas will be followed. Club members are asked to report any cleaning needs to the Safety Volunteer on duty
  • Water fountains will be closed. Bowlers should bring their own water.
  • The kitchen will be closed and food or beverages will not be allowed in the Club House.
  • CLBC will provide hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes in common places.
  • While it is encouraged for bowlers to take their own waste home with them, this may not be a plausible solution for items such as used disinfectant wipes. CLBC will coordinate with the Janitorial Service regarding the removal of waste to meet local health requirements.

Equipment Use

  • It is recommended that bowlers will bring and use their personal bowls and equipment whenever possible.
  • Equipment is to be used by a single individual or members of the same household. If players from different households are using the same training rink then separate bowls, mats and jacks will be required for each player or household group. Suggestions for play protocols that allow for this are available in Appendix A.

When CLCB equipment is used:

  • One individual will be allowed inside the Equipment Storage area at a time for the purpose of selecting bowls. Individuals must follow posted sanitizing procedures including sanitizing hand prior to entering the room, sanitizing equipment prior to/after use, and minimizing contact with equipment.
  • Equipment including jacks and mats will be placed outside of the equipment room. Members are to observe distancing and mask requirements when picking up and returning club equipment.
  • CLBC equipment is to be sanitized before and after each use using the provided sanitizing products.
  • Signs indicating the location of sanitized/un-sanitized equipment (bowls, jacks, mats) will be posted
  1. Protocol for Phase 2 Bowls Activity – Modified Games

Training Session Protocols

  • A Safety Volunteer will be present at each scheduled training time. The Volunteer will be allowed to play during their shift.   
  • Due to restrictions on capacity allowances by AHS, Club Members must pre-schedule the use of a rink using the SignUp Genius. Bowlers without a pre-scheduled time will not to be permitted access to the club.
  • “T mark” will be set to 3 m instead of 2 m from the ditch
  • CLBC will be using an online tool called Signup Genius. For those bowlers that don’t have internet access, CLBC will appoint a volunteer who can be telephoned to help manage the scheduling process.
  • Rink bookings times may vary but will be no less than 1.25 hours. Booking times will be posted in Signup Genius and on the CLBC website.
  • As part of the sign-up process a commitment from participants that they have completed the pre-screening and will adhere to club protocols during their session. This must be done to get access to the Signup Genius
  • Bowlers will be required to use the screening tools the club has provided prior to arriving at the club for their pre-scheduled time to bowl.
  • Bowlers should arrive no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled time slot to discourage loitering.
  • A “waiting area” will be marked appropriately with physical distancing cues. This waiting area is located away from the playing areas so that participants in the earlier time slot do not cross paths unnecessarily. This area will be just to the left of our main entrance gate on the outside of the fence
  • A record of each person who arrives at the club and their approximate arrival and departure times will be kept by the on-site Safety Volunteer
  • Players should use provided hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility and when exiting. Hand sanitizer will also be available for players to use as needed throughout their training session.
  • Members are asked to wear a non-medical mask when entering the facility and moving to their assigned rink. Masks are not required to be worn on the green as long as 2 m distance can be maintained.
  • Bowlers are not permitted to congregate in the parking lot either before or after they have finished bowling. A sign to remind bowlers of this protocol will be posted at the gate as you are leaving.
  • No more than 4 players per rink and all players not from the same household must maintain a minimum of 2 m distance. No more than two players should be at an end at any given time. Green capacity is 10 people.
  • Coaches will maintain physical distancing practices, and will not share equipment with participants (including bowls, jacks, and mats). Coaches must adhere to all return to play protocols and are required to wear masks.
  • Do not use scoreboards. Do kick the bowls in or pick up your own bowls. Do not touch someone else’s bowls or equipment.
  • Rakes may be used by a single designated player. Rakes are to be returned and sanitized between uses.
  • Appropriate signage will be posted throughout the playing area to remind participants of the safety protocols in place as well as indicating equipment and club areas that are not be accessed.

Bowler and Club Member Expectations

The following guidelines should be followed in Phase 2. At all times, the guidelines and legislations of Provincial and Local Health Authorities must be respected and will take precedence over these guidelines.

  • Regardless of vaccination status, bowlers must adhere to club protocols
  • Pre-schedule with Signup Genius when you would like to play; do not just show up and expect to play.
  • Arrive no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time, and leave promptly when you are finished.
  • Bring your own mask. Masks are to be worn within the club facility (indoor and outdoor spaces) until individuals are on their assigned rinks.
  • Practice physical distancing by staying a minimum of two meters away from each other at all times.
  • Use your own bowls and equipment. If you do not own your own bowls, make sure you follow the posted safety protocols for using club equipment.
  • Have a designated mat and jack for each player on the rink (unless players are from the same household).
  • Do not share any equipment.
  • Do not shake hands or high five.
  • Stay in your assigned rink and maintain physical distancing.
  • Do not access closed spaces or equipment.
  • Do not bring visitors with you to your scheduled bowling time slot.
  • Do not loiter in the parking lot before or after you have finished bowling
  • Do not enter the washroom if there is already someone else inside.
  • Be courteous of other members requiring access to clubhouse (lockers and washrooms) – limit time within the clubhouse to retrieving items from lockers and using washrooms only
  • Bring your own water as the water fountain and kitchen area is off limits.
  • Take home your own waste material as much as possible.
  • If you are feeling unwell, regardless of the symptoms, stay home.

Appendix A – Use of Equipment During Games

Equipment is not to be shared between individuals (unless they are from the same household). To maintain this during Phase 2 the following options can be considered.

One Mat and Jack

  • Mat is always placed in the same location by a nominated individual. The jack is placed in a position decided by the winner of the end with placement always done by the same individual.

One Mat and Jack per team

  • Each team has a mat that is placed by the nominated individual. The jack can either be delivered by a nominated individual and set by foot by the skip or placed by a nominated individual.


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