Calgary Lawn Bowling Club not only plays a classic sport of Lawn Bowling but also builds a community that embraces the True Sport Principles, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie, fairness, and inclusivity.

  1. Go For It – Rise to the Challenge: Calgary Lawn Bowling Club encourages its members to embrace the spirit of ‘Go For It.’ The principle of rising to the challenge and always striving for excellence is ingrained in the fabric of the club. Members are motivated to be persistent, pushing their boundaries and discovering just how good they can be on the meticulously manicured greens.
  2. Play Fair – A Game Rooted in Integrity: Lawn bowling at Calgary Lawn Bowling Club is not just about the competition; it’s about playing fair. The True Sport Principle of understanding, respecting, and following the rules is diligently observed. The club fosters an environment where integrity is paramount, emphasizing that competition is only meaningful when it is fair.
  3. Respect Others – On and Off the Greens: Respect is a cornerstone of the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s ethos. Whether on the greens or off, everyone involved in creating the sporting experience is treated with dignity. Members are encouraged to win with grace and lose with dignity, ensuring that the spirit of respect permeates every facet of the game.
  4. Keep It Fun – Finding Joy in Sport: Amidst the precision and strategy of lawn bowling, the club encourages its members to find joy in the sport and share it with others. Remembering what they love about the game and why they play helps maintain a vibrant and lively atmosphere on the greens.
  5. Stay Healthy – Mind, Body, and Community: Calgary Lawn Bowling Club takes the True Sport Principle of staying healthy seriously. Members are not only encouraged to respect and care for their minds and bodies but also to advocate for the health and safety of their fellow bowlers. The club acts as a community where well-being is a shared commitment.
  6. Include Everyone – Celebrating Diversity: Diversity is celebrated at the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club. Members recognise and embrace the strength found in differences, inviting and welcoming everyone into the world of lawn bowling. The club is a testament to how sport can bring people together, regardless of background or experience.
  7. Give Back – Making a Difference in the Community: Expressing gratitude and giving back is a core value at Calgary Lawn Bowling Club. Members actively engage in community initiatives, encouraging their sport group to make a positive impact beyond the greens. The club’s commitment to saying thanks and showing gratitude extends beyond the boundaries of the playing field.

The Calgary Lawn Bowling Club stands as a shining example of a sports community that not only excels in the technical aspects of lawn bowling but also embodies the True Sport Principles. With a commitment to excellence, fairness, respect, joy, health, inclusivity, and community engagement, this club is not just a place to play lawn bowling but a true home for those who seek a holistic and enriching sporting experience.

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