At Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, we understand many of our members and visitors are concerned about where our game of bowls sits within Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

This page will feature all of our latest updates in regard to messages and notifications surrounding the ever-updating situation. As a sports club in our community, it is our responsibility to respond to the circumstances. This situation is unprecedented for our 2022 season, and the health and safety of our members and visitors is always our top priority.

We are currently working with Bowls Alberta, Bowls Canada Boulingrin and City of Calgary for this coming season of bowls.

Your board at Calgary Lawn Bowling Club is closely monitoring the evolution and we will react to the best of our ability, and adhere to the guidance from Alberta Health Services. We are doing everything to make sure that our community remains as safe as possible for all our members and visitors, and we will work together to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

As information about COVID-19 becomes available, your board is committed to ensuring clear succinct communication about any changes to our club’s plans in 2022.

For updates to Calgary Lawn Bowling Club’s 2022 season, please visit Club News.


Return To Play 

Phase 4 Play: All Events - UPDATED Jun 30th, 2021


Version – June 30, 2021

Calgary Lawn Bowling Club

2021 – Phase 4 Play: All Events

Phase 4: All activities are permitted with no restrictions on green capacity or play format.


Calgary Lawn Bowling Club, Bowls Canada, and Bowls Alberta, are not experts on pandemics and therefore all Federal, Provincial, and local Government and Public Health Authority information, guidelines and directives supersede this information. We have created this set of club guidelines to inform our club members as to how Bowls Canada and Bowls Alberta are responding to Covid-19 and to provide recommendations as to what we believe is the best course of action for our members and the Calgary Lawn Bowling Club.

At all times, the guidelines and legislations of Provincial and Local Health Authorities must be respected and will take precedence over these guidelines.


Guidelines for Phase 4 Play




      • Members are not to visit the club if feeling unwell, have covid symptoms or are a confirmed covid case
      • A safety volunteer is no longer required at club opening times but the event coordinator for play will need to put out the minimum sanitizing equipment and sign in book when opening the club for play.
      • Players and visitors must still check in/sign in when entering club (as we have been doing these past few weeks). Guests and non-members will need to provide contact information when signing into the club.
      • Masks are no longer required in outdoor settings
      • Members are asked to be respectful of individual’s decisions to continue social distancing, masking and sanitization practices.


Club House

      • Masks need to be worn inside the club until the city relaxes their mask bi-law. 
      • Full access to lockers is permitted
      • Bar service can resume indoors
      • While capacity restrictions are lifted on indoor spaces, members are encouraged to be mindful of numbers within the club house and still work to limit the amount of time spent and number of individuals indoors at one time.
      • Kitchen access is for event volunteers only with no coffee/tea/snack service at this point (to be reviewed later in the season)





      • Shared equipment use is allowed if all players on that rink feel comfortable with this. The option remains for players who are not comfortable with to use separate equipment (ex. jacks and mats) during play.
      • Equipment cleaning/sanitizing supplies are still available to members to use at their discretion but sanitization of club equipment is no longer required
      • Hand sanitizer is still available and members are encouraged to practice good personal hygiene



      • Greens may go to full capacity (all rinks, 4s play) but the T-line remains at 3 m
      • All play options (jitney, league, tournaments) are allowed



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