Cut Throat (Thursday Evenings)

● Players play as individuals for their own points, usually in groups of 3
● Can be played with 2, 3 or 4 bowls per player (fewer bowls = a quicker game)
● Number of ends is usually 12 or 14 and is agreed upon before the start of the game
● A total of 6 points are awarded in each end:
○ 3 points for the bowl closest to the jack
○ 2 points for the bowl second closest to the jack
○ 1 point for the bowl third closest to the jack
● Players bowl in the order shown on the scorecard; the first place player from the previous
end rolls the jack; the player who will bowl last in the order sets the jack

2-4-2 a.k.a Australian Pairs (Wednesday Evening League)

● Played in pairs but does not have a designated Lead or Skip
● Played with 4 bowls per player; number of ends is usually 14
● To begin play one player from each team stands at each end of the rink; the first players to
bowl will deliver 2 bowls each (alternating)
● After the first 4 bowls have been delivered, all players switch ends; the next two players
deliver 4 bowls each (alternating)
● Players switch ends again and the last 2 bowls are delivered to complete the end
● Each player will begin and end each end standing at the same side of the rink
● “Normal” scoring is used: one point for each bowl for one team that is closer to the jack than
any opposing bowl (same as curling scoring)

Ultimate Bowls (Tuesday Morning League)

● Played with 2 or 3 players per team and 3 or 4 bowls per player
● Two games of 5 ends each are played; if required a tie-breaker of 2 ends is played
● The order of play is the same as for doubles or triples but the scoring is different:
○ After all the Lead bowls are delivered 3 points is awarded to the team with the “shot”
bowl at that point
○ 3 points are awarded for every “toucher” during the game
○ After all bowls have been delivered the following points are awarded:
■ 10 points for the closest bowl to the jack
■ 5 points for the second closest bowl to the jack
■ 3 points for the third closest bowl to the jack

For information on Singles, Doubles, Triples and Fours games, see “Formats of Play” in the BCB Bowler’s

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