Although the season was in the midst of a global pandemic, our Club continued to thrive.  we all surprised ourselves with what we could collectively accomplish.

We became innovators.

We adapted to new technologies like  holding  virtual AGM and Board Meeting. We learned how to use other technology like SignUp Genius to book rinks. No small feats!

We became leaders.

Our Club was one of the first in the country to receive approval for Return-To-Play
Protocols. That came together by dedicating countless hours working with Bowls Alberta, Bowls Canada,
Alberta Health Services, the Calgary Emergency Management Agency, City of Calgary Recreation, our
insurance provider, other Clubs, and our Joint Operating partner (Bow Cliff Seniors).

We stepped up as volunteers.

Our newly appointed Safety Officer, Fred Emms, developed the protocols, followed up on all required documentation, ensured smooth operations, and attended on-going conference calls representing our Club. Our Safety Volunteers  received training and tirelessly put into practice the methods that kept us all safe. Club Volunteers worked within Bowls Canada to create the nationwide safety protocols. We also welcomed new draw masters to run our leagues and Jitneys this season.

We supported one another.

Together we engaged in safe practices in social distancing, equipment usage, and other safety measures that ensured a safe environment. Plus the financial contributions to the Club made by members was overwhelming in how it showed your support. Thank you all!

We salvaged the season.

It would have been easy to set aside the Jitneys, Leagues and Trophy Days, but we pulled a schedule together and most importantly did it safely. This did not dampen the enthusiasm or competition as the level of play was still outstanding. Our sense of community has never felt stronger.

We remained committed.

Work in years gone past, our Treasurer made sure we had the financial where-for-all to survive such an unforeseeable event like a pandemic. We thank them and the past-Board for their foresight and wisdom. The Board and the generous members who serve on several committees continue their commitment to develop new strategies to further guide us going forward.

We benefited from partnerships previously forged.

We still received sponsorship backing even though it initially looked like the season would be a complete write-off. For that we are grateful to Amica Aspen Woods, Mayfair Diagnostics and Sandstone Asset Management.

We also thank Bowls Alberta Board and to Bowls Canada for their many direct contributions to our continued success and for their support in 2022. We are grateful to our City Recreation Liaison, and to our insurance partner for providing approvals and guidance in our strategy to Return-To-Play.

Above all, we remained optimistic.

As we look forward to 2021


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