To all our returning members, welcome back and here’s to another year of fun, friendships
and great bowling. This year will be another busy year with lots of leagues and events to play
in. Please take the time this year to meet some of the new members, welcome them into our
club and encourage them along the way.

To all our new members, we welcome you to our club and hope you will not only enjoy the
sport but create friendships within our club. We hope you will feel a sense of belonging and as
you become more comfortable you will begin to participate in more events within the club. We
have a mix of events tailored to newer/social members and events tailored to competitive
members and events that mix both types of members together for fun.

We appreciate the many, many hours that our members volunteer to make each year a
success and this year we are focusing on increasing our volunteer base to include as many
members as possible. By increasing our volunteer base we will not only increase the
community feel of our club but we will also share the load and avoid volunteer burn out.
Please consider how you would like to volunteer this year and when you see other members
volunteering to do things take a minute to say thanks!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments please send them my way.

Heather Mackie

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